Saturday, February 28, 2009

Mommy's Day on the Couch

Guess what? I have strep throat! A full-fledged adult, and I have a classic Summer-Camper's Delight!

I hadn't been feeling that great for the past couple of days, but I just chalked it up as my body recovering from planning/running our big Monte Carlo Night event last weekend. But, when I woke up this morning and couldn't swallow at all, I decided to go see the friendly nurse at the CVS Minute Clinic. Turns out, I have strep. Along with a 101.5 fever. Lovely... So instead of seeing old friends today, and going to work at the Purim Carnival tomorrow, and having dinner with my nursery-school-mom-friends tomorrow night, I have a weekend-long date with my couch.

I can't remember if I ever had strep as a kid... I was generally healthy, and the most "exciting" things I ever got were a series of ear infections in elementary school and a lousy case of scabies in college. But, I never had bronchitis as a kid, or pneumonia, or mono, or any other typically kid-age sickness.

Now seems to be my chance to live out those childhood fantasies of staying home from school and spending the entire day on the couch. Of course, when you're a mom, this becomes a lot less possible... At least today, my husband and munchkin are out gallivanting with old friends -- unfortunately, friends that I really wanted to see today!

It's not the ideal way to spend a beautiful Saturday, but I guess I can say I am now "living the cliche!" Reclining on the couch, propped up with 3 pillows... Computer, land-line phone, cell phone and TV remote all within arm's reach... A can of chicken noodle soup waiting on the kitchen counter to be warmed up for lunch... Oh wait... That's right -- I can't swallow! OK, antibiotics, go to work! This sitting-and-doing-nothing thing is starting to make me go a little stir crazy!

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